Alyra Moondancer (alyramoondancer) wrote,
Alyra Moondancer

Yet another spammail...

These are a never ending source of amusement and befuddlement, and this morning's was a doozy. Just the first line had me practically rolling on the floor, so I'm sharing it with you all:

"It is with deep sense of ego and the least atom of opportunity I have that I am soliciting your kind assistance to receive and investing this money in our country."

They all have a deep sense of ego, don't they? And he's right -- it is the least atom of opportunity. The very least. So least, in fact, that it is practically nonexistent.

The opening sally was followed later by this monstrosity of a sentence:

"For now all my family's deposits within the nation was sealed, including the arrest of the managing director Fountain Trust Bank who was arrested and his bank sealed because the Government discovered my father's deposit with the Bank with the believe that he was having unclean dealings with my father."

Can you make sense out of that? I can -- sort of. I think. "Unclean dealings." Tsk, tsk.

And the kicker:

"As it stands now if the government discovers the fund it will be confiscated and sealed, that was the reason why I solicited your kind help to assist me to receive this money for investment in your country"

Wait. I thought all deposits had been sealed already. And wasn't that supposed to be investment in his country? Oh, no. Our country. Which means we must both live in the same country, right? So, um, what does he need me for again?

Well, it got my day off to an amused start, anyway. Hope it does likewise for you all.
Tags: spam, spammail
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